The most important data for circular textiles is not accessible, inaccurate, or simply doesn't exist.

TEXroad unlocks crucial information and aligns business and policy makers to ignite textile circulation.

The Problem

There is a political mandate and climate imperative for a circular textile industry, but crucial data for this transition is scarce. Digital platforms and tools have important services and data that can help. Unfortunately, no single company or reporting system has the full picture, and they operate in silos.

The Solution

TEXroad works together with business and policy makers to unlock data, insights and metrics to support public-private partnerships. We also co-develop and test data models to increase the exchange of standardised textile information.

Join Us in Paving the Way to 2025

Participants in this program work together to find data-driven solutions to post-consumer textile management.

Local governments and post-consumer textile entities need to assess and upgrade collection networks ahead of Europe's 2025 separate textile collection mandate. This is impossible without data, insights and collaboration.

National and EU level policy makers also need data as evidence to set targets, develop effective EPR rules, create useful design guidelines and measure the results over time. Otherwise, progress will be slow and policy can become a barrier.

Paving the Way participants use standardised circular textile data and metrics to strengthen pubic-private partnerships, to co-develop best practices for textile circulation and align business and policy decisions. This makes progress faster and solutions scalable.

  • Data-driven collection systems are more financially viable
  • Evidence-based policies are more effective
  • Neutral textile expertise and standardised data enables co-development of scalable solutions
  • Collaboration across multiple regions increases value of data and insights
  • Transparency for citizens improves participation in collection systems

This program is currently open to municipalities, post-consumer textile collectors and sorters, reuse organizations and waste management companies in Estonia and the Netherlands.

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About us

TEXroad was a concept initiated from the work of Reverse Resources and was further developed through a collaboration with REvolve Waste. We then assembled the TEXroad team who provided their time, insights and expertise during our time within the Accelerate Estonia program. The result is an organization committed to a future where business and policy decisions are made using a single version of truth that is reliable, accessible and available in real time.

Our mission is to ignite textile circulation by aligning the public and private sector, developing knowledge, and initiating standardised data flows for circular textiles.